"Mind Games" That Make A Woman Miss You Badly

"Mind Games" That Make A Woman Miss You Badly

Your dating coach teaching you today how to make a woman miss you. Here is the deal, one of the reasons why I’ve decided to write this article is because I really want to home in on the idea of not being needy.

I miss him already

That is one of the things that guys struggle with the most. A guy who is new to the scene of dating and really excited to put all of these tips into action, when they finally get a girl interested, their mind might be completely blown and they’re like wow she’s amazing, I really like her and they might go overboard and just be needy and scare the girl away. We don’t want to do this. Let’s balance this all out.

First, here’s a very obvious one. You’ve heard this before and hopefully this is intuitive.

#1 Do not respond right away to her text messages :

If she text messages you, if you guys are in a text conversation, just because she texts you, doesn’t mean you need to respond within 10 seconds. Give it some time. Now don’t be ridiculous and wait maybe four hours, respond respectfully but give it some time. She text messages, you give it 10 15 minutes, give it a half an hour. The whole idea here is you need to be busy. We’re gonna return to that concept in just a second.

#2 Don’t always be the one to text first :

Also, when it comes to text messaging, don’t be the one to always initiate the text. Wait for her to text you, wait for her to start the communication.

I don’t want you to get into a routine where every single morning you wake up and say “hey how are you” or ”good morning”. Let her be the one to initiate the text message. I think at the end of the day when it comes to getting into a relationship or getting into a dating relationship, it’s probably best not to be texting all the time, all day. Hopefully you end up on the phone with her or even more importantly in person because that’s where you two need to end up. I don’t want you to have this crazy text message conversation all the time.

Always be the one to end the phone call:

You guys should be meeting up, connecting physically in person with each other. To move along here, let’s talk about phone calls. You start dating a girl, you’re gonna be getting on the phone. I want you to be the one to end the phone call first. Always be the one to end the phone call first. This is you saying hey I’m not needy, I have a life, I have other things going on so you’re gonna end the phone call first.

Remember we’re talking about a guy like you who’s actually busy has things going on, so all this stuff doesn’t turn into games and is just real life again we’ll get to that in a second.

#3 Make her feel as if she’s missing out :

Here’s another great thing you can do. I want you to induce FOMO. Fear of missing out. I want you to be sending her pictures of things that you’re doing that’s fun and cool. Be careful. Don’t do this all the time. If you’re sending a text message every single day that you’re doing cool stuff and you never invite her, she’s gonna like what the hell is going on? But every once in a while, maybe once a week, send her a picture of something cool that you’re doing and she’s like “oh I wish I was with him doing that thing”, so that eventually when you do invite her out to do something fun, she’s gonna be even more excited that she gets to do it with you. Another way you could possibly craft this is posting cool stuff on your Instagram stories or snap stories or Instagram or Facebook. Other social media to show that you’re having a good time, you have a life and you have things going on.

#4 Don’t set the second date for a few days :

Here’s another one, after the first date don’t set the second date for a couple of days. It’s okay on the first date to say, “hey we should hang out again”, “love to see you again”, “this was fun”. All good stuff but don’t set the date for a couple of days. You guys had this amazing first date or even amazing second date don’t rush to okay well next week let’s do this, let’s do this. This is maybe borderline needy. We want to back off from that, release some of that pressure, give her time to miss you, give her time to process how much fun she had with you and how she’s attracted to you. Wait one to two, not one, two to three to four days here in terms of setting up that second date.

#5 Only see her 1-2 times per week :

This dating relationship, if you really like this girl, you want to take this further, only see her 1 to 2 times per week. This is huge ok this is huge. 1 to 2 times per week. Take it slow. You also might be dating other women to see what’s going on and see if you connect with other girls. That’s fine. Even better, see her once a week. So now you have it a little bit more spread out. I’m saying maximum two times per week until you finally get into an actual committed relationship with her. Only see her one or two times a week with some sparse texting in between.

Why? Because the theme and the thesis of this article is you need to have a life. This is so crucial, so important. I don’t like having you playing these games. I want you to have things going on. Things going on with friends, finding events and stuff to do, going to meet ups, creating your own events. I want you to have a life. This is not only attractive but also, it’s gonna be easy for when she asks to have plans or she’s texting what are you up to and you’ll go well I’m busy, I’m doing this thing, let’s hang out another time. You’re doing something. Please work on this. This is so attractive, it’s gonna get you even further in your social life because you’re doing things.

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