How To Touch A Girl In 5 Ways To Make Her Want You?

How To Touch A Girl In 5 Ways To Make Her Want You?

Doop you want to know how to properly touch a girl, so you don’t creep her out and actually turn her on? Well I have five great ways on how to touch a girl so you can get her super attracted to you.

Hi, I will teach you how to get the girl while still being your genuine self and today we’re talking about how to touch a girl. Is it awkward for you to be physical with girls? Are you not sure exactly how to do it? Touching a girl and getting her interested in you is key to attraction and getting your next date. You need to know the right way to touch a girl so you can get her to successfully like you.

Touch a women

But first, the big rule. When touching, you have to be sensual and soft. Don’t be too rough with her. Women are delicate, and plus, it makes it that much sexier. But I warn you now, this is more advanced material. If you touch a girl and she doesn’t like it, you must stop immediately. Don’t go on until she’s comfortable.

#1 The high-five :

When you first start talking to a girl, listen in to what she’s saying. If she says something cool, go for the high-five. Stop, stop, I know what you’re thinking. What are we? In high school? A high-five? The high-five is a good way to introduce touching when you first talk to a girl. It makes the statement that you’re a touchy kind of guy and it’s better to do this sooner than later. It’s going to be a big problem if you go from no touching at all to a kiss. Trust me.

#2 The hug :

I always tell my students to reach in for a side hug or a full hug whenever she says something funny or cool. And remember, it will always make it a little less awkward when you give a reason for thought’s the creepy guys who touch a girl for no reason and always end up messing it all up.

#3 The hand tickle :

I invented this a while back and you can use this one however you like. For example, if you’re talking to a girl and you ever ask her for her age, you can say, "Wait, let me guess." Then you grab her hand gently and you tickle her palm a little bit as if you’re checking for her age, and of course, you always guess much younger because no girl likes to be told she’s old.

#4 Next up is touching the lower back :

Just right up above her butt. This is a very sensual spot. So, if you’re at a loud club or a loud bar and you want to lean in and tell a girl something, you want to touch her lower back as you do this. It’s a very sensitive spot and it will turn her on.

#5 The waist :

You can also touch the waist, and this would be done after you touched all the places. A waist is a very private part of a woman’s body. The best way to do this is again, if you’re leaning in to say something or if you’re leading her across the room. And all this can be done whether you’re on a date with a girl or if you’re meeting her for the first time.

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