How to approach a girl who is with a friend?

How to approach a girl who is with a friend?

First of all, approaching a girl when accompanied is always a more difficult exercise than approaching a girl when she is alone. In addition, the difficulty increases even when you are alone and you approach a set of two girls. It is easier to approach groups of two girls when you are with a wing. Indeed, the other girlfriend can quickly not find his account that his girlfriend is approached, and have the reflex to be, jealous, or possessive, or protective, which is a barrier to the approach. This is often the case if the girls are very close, and the friendship is fusional. Some girls tend to react as if they were in a relationship, and the difference between tackling a set of two girls and a mixed set is sometimes very fine. If we stick to group theory, we should seduce the set to seduce the girl in the group. Unfortunately, while this strategy may work in some settings, it is often difficult to apply in street situations, especially in contexts where girls are in a hurry, and the approach must be fast. In this case, it is better to make a direct approach to the girl you want to approach (the target), without worrying about her friend. In contexts where the interaction can last longer, we can make social proof by seducing the two girls, which will be an asset in the game of seduction. Ambiguity will then serve as a plot and will keep a form of sexual tension with the girl you want to seduce.

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