What Men Find Attractive In Women : 5 Scientific Proven Ways to Attract Him

What Men Find Attractive In Women : 5 Scientific Proven Ways to Attract Him

When it comes to attracting men, first impressions are super important. But what are those qualities or traits that men are really noticing and what are the things they find most attractive? In this article you’ll learn five surprising traits that men find most attractive.

On to the thing’s men find most attractive in women. Have you Ever wondered what men are really noticing or what they are really attracted to? I know, it’s an ancient question that people have been asking for years. And thankfully, evolutionary psychologists have been studying this question for decades and have come up with some time tested (and scientifically sound) answers. So, here are the top five in order of importance.

#1 Playfulness and Sense of Humor :

It’s should come as no surprise that a sense of humor is high on the list of traits that everyone says they look for in potential partners. Does that mean that men are attracted to funny women, not exactly. What I find funny (pun intended) is that Men aren’t more attracted to funny women, instead, they are more attracted to women who appreciate their sense of humor. In other words, men want women who are going to laugh at their jokes. Shocking, I know. And what about playfulness. Simply put, you've got to be that person that he wants to be with the most.

You have to rock his world in a way that no one else can, and leave him wanting more, leave him craving more, and the only one who can satisfy that craving... that need, is you... so you must create that dynamic... that feeling that he can't get anywhere else. Every time he thinks of you, he’s going to be thinking about the fun things. He going to associate you with everything fun. And that’s super attractive.

#2 Confidence :

Confidence in both men and women is very sexy. If you walk into a room like a model walking down a runway. head up, shoulders back, arms swinging loosely and swiveling hips…, you’ll have every guy staring at you. Why? Well “That Walk” is just one of the ways human women have developed to get and keep a man's attention as we've evolved.

Oh, and while you’re walking that walk. wear the color red. Med are more attracted to women who are wearing the color red. Think about it… hearts are red, valentines are red. red roses are romantic… It’s possible that the color red may trigger a competitive edge in men, so maybe men are more competitive about women in red and therefore desire them more.

#3 Independence :

You have your own life. one of the most important things that men find attractive in women is independence. In other words, men are attracted to women who have a life. Not to women who come off as needy and clingy. Unless they are controlling and abusive. then they might need a woman who is needy, clingy and ready to be controlled. Here’s an example… I love pizza… I don’t just love it…love it, I mean I love it.. a lot. But What would happen if I ate it 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a few months? I might get kind of sick of it and certainly wouldn’t appreciate it the same way. The same holds true in a relationship. Of course, you love being with the person, but you can’t be with them all of the time. for obvious reasons. remember, people have the need to be autonomous, but they also have a need to bond and be interdependent. You need a good balance between the two.

So, make sure you are keeping up with the life you had prior to meeting him. Make and keep plans with your girlfriends and keep your schedule busy. This goes a long way towards helping him to see you as a high value woman with an exciting life. And when you do that, he is going to want to be a part of that. And when he isn’t, he’s going to feel that too. So yeah. if you have your own life, men will find that independence sexy.

Now the last two are the two most important… so keep reading and I’ll tell you how you can adopt them into your life.

#4 Consistency and Loyalty :

One of the most important aspects of a healthy and successful romantic relationship is having a strong foundation of honesty and loyalty. If a man is looking for a lifelong relationship, he will want a woman who can see himself growing old with. And that starts with consistency and loyalty. Think back to a time when you felt really close and connected with your partner — or a time when you felt you could tell your partner your deepest secret and it would be accepted. We all need that deep connection with someone, and those deep and wonderful feeling of intimacy flourishes in an atmosphere of safety. We open up when we feel safe. We take risks when we feel safe.

So, create a safe zone for him to be freely expressive-- To be himself. That means being a person who is very accepting, caring and compassionate. When he’s connected with you on an emotionally intimate level, he will certainly miss you when he feels disconnected.

#5 happiness and life satisfaction :

There is nothing more attractive and sexier than a person who is happy and living in the moment. A happy person is a sexy person. Many psychological studies have confirmed the relationship between Happiness and attraction. And simply put, one’s level attractiveness is directly related to their expressions of joy and happiness. Think about how you’ve felt when you were around a person who was genuinely happy.

They give off a certain energy — an energy that can’t be faked. This energy is a result of real happiness and gives a person the look of being more alive and more in the moment. There’s nothing sexier than a person completely present in the moment. And people want nothing more than to be happy. So, when we see someone who we believe to have already found happiness, we are automatically attracted to him or her. A happy person exudes contentment, and positivity. all of which the majority of people are more attracted to.

People seeing your genuine happiness will come to many conclusions : they will feel like you are open, easy to talk to, and probably quite optimistic, and therefore they will think you are someone whose company would make them smile in turn because of the positivity it radiates.

So, you’re more likely to attract people to you if you are happy. it’s also quite the source of positivity for people around you. It makes you both endearing and interesting and lastly, Happy people love themselves for who they are. Genuinely happy don't feel the need to search for satisfaction within others. They accept and embrace both their physical and emotional appearances, regardless of whether they receive the same approval from others.

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