5 Best First Date Questions!

5 Best First Date Questions!

What if I told you that height money or status isn’t the only way to win over a girl. In fact, there are five key questions that you can ask her that will set you apart from every other guy out there. In this article I’m going to reveal to you the five top questions to ask a woman on a first date, that will be begging her for you to take her on a second one.


It’s my job as a dating and relationship coach to help you come across as the most confident and desirable man you can be. So, if you want to know how to do that, you need to ask her these five simple questions :

#1 “Are you okay?” Are “you comfortable?” or “Would you like to go somewhere else?”

The first thing a woman will be instinctively doing is actually working out, if she feels comfortable in your presence literally guys within the first five minutes, we are asking ourselves two questions the first question is “Am I attracted to you?” and the second question is “Do I feel safe around you?” as the weaker sex we want to make sure that as soon as we go on a date that we feel that we can trust you to protect us and make us feel at ease.

This is why it is so incredibly important to just ask her that don’t leave it up to getting an Oscar does she feel comfortable in that environment, if there’s too many men there does she feel intimidated by the amount of men there, is she cold all these little things that you can actually ask her will help her put her mind to ease that you actually care about the way that she feels, that you care about her safety and that you actually want to do something about it to make it a memorable and nice date for her.

Guys be the hero from the first date take control and actually show her that you’re able to step in and make first safety and security your number one priority, and not only that asking her if she feels cold or hot gives you an opportunity to take you’ll Jack it off and actually put it around her shoulders, it makes you come across looking like a gentleman which is basically what we want to know.

#2 “Can you let me know as soon as you get home safe?”

This one is one that will have you in the good books with her, why? Because it shows that you are once again concerned about her safety, that you were following up after the day and that you genuinely care whether or not she actually did arrive home safe. Not only that it actually makes us feel like we are a damsel in distress and you’re the hero that cares about us and wants to protect us, it makes us feel incredibly feminine which is what we want to feel when we’re on a date we want to know that we can go on a date with a guy and actually know that if anything happened he would step in and rescue us.

#3 “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Okay this is a great question, because what it does is two things:

Firstly, it actually gives you an indication whether or not this girl is on the same page as you, remember going on a date isn’t just about impressing her, you want to make sure that you’re actually impressing a woman that you know you want to invest into you because she actually wants the same things as you.

Secondly, it also communicates to her that you are a future thinker, you’re a man with a plan and that plan could possibly include her hence why you asked her that question. Trust me guys before we’ve even met you have already decided if you’re going to be our future husband and what our children are going to look like. This is how we work within the first 10 to 30 minutes of getting to know you, we are racing through all these scenarios in our head which includes you to work out if we want to be attracted to you, keep dating you. So, if you can actually put our mind to ease in some sort of way by asking this key question what it does is it gets us excited, because in our mind we think well hang on a second he is a man that’s asking me this question maybe it’s because he is a man that is actually serious about finding a relationship.

Now I know that we as women jump into the future and it’s hence why I coach women to stay in the present but if you can use this to your advantage by talking about the future it gets Raman even more curious and wanting you even more.

#4 “Have you ever been hold that you look like (beautiful celebrity)”

Now this is a little bit tricky, the last thing you want to do is go and compare her to someone that she looks absolutely nothing like, don’t go and say that she looks like Beyonce if she is clearly Asian, or on the flip side don’t go and compare it to some sort of celebrity that was really kind of trashy, no one was to be compared to Britney back in 2007. This is about sending her a compliment.

Now if you can’t actually find somebody’s famous or somebody of a really sort of high status that she would actually be flattered by, then what you need to do is you need to pick out a small detail and compliment her on that. For example, “have you ever been told that your smile is actually really sunny?” or “have you ever been told that your eyes change color in different lights?”. Guys hands down if you say those sort of things to her and actually asked her if she’s ever noticed, what it does is you send the signal that you’re a noticing something special about her and B that you’re assuming that she doesn’t know that. So, what you’ll do is you’ll feel really kind of beautiful and special and she’ll also feel really humbled by your compliment.

And finally, the fifth question. This is probably the most important but also the most useful.

#5 “Are you a family type of girl?”

This is a question that is going to hit her right in the fields, because a man who asked about family is a man who probably wants to get married is a man who probably must have children equals a man that is jackpot. That is how they think guys honestly. So, if you’re able to talk about her family, her desires for a family and also listen to what it is that she says, you’re going to come across as somebody who’s really sincere someone that is forward-thinking and future planning. It’s also means that you’re probably going to have really genuine qualities that make someone that is a great guy in general.

Now chances are if you’re dating at a certain age then children are going to come up at some point whether she’s got children you’ve got children or neither of you do. This isn’t about lying and pretending that you want children. There are certain ways to actually talk about things but still keep her interest. For example, if you know that you’re not really wanting to start a family with someone, if she asked you “are you wanting to have children?” you might want to say, I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to have children because I know that the right woman will be enough for me, if you actually do eventually want to have children then what you can do is you can really kind of draw her in by saying “yeah I know that I want to have children one day but I think I’ll know for sure when it’s with the right sort of girl”.

You’re basically planting seeds of Hope into her brain, that yes it is a possibility that you want to be a part of her future or that she’s going to be a part of yours and so that is really going to get her going into overdrive of actually starting to envision that herself.

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